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The movie and film industry depends on P3 Movie Cars to provide period-correct vehicles for their projects. Having provided vehicles to hundreds of locations, P3 Movie Cars works tirelessly and flexibly to meet your production needs. We are never late, never double booked and never difficult. We understand tight schedules and that timing adjustments are always needed on any set.

Our Professional Staff will insure your movie cars are ready when you are. Every one of our on-set deliveries includes a skilled mechanic, prepared to resolve any issues that could possibly arise with a 10, 20 or even 50 year old car.


We can provide both basic and specific graphics for any movie car as well as complete vehicle wraps.  We have already provided, (on short notice in a case or two):

International Police & Ambulance units
Specialty Bus
Transport Vehicle 
Paint Color Change

Given enough notice, we can create you the EXACT vehicle you need.


If you don’t see the vehicles you might need in our database, that doesn’t mean they are not available. 

We have many private clients that prefer not to have their cars advertised on our site for various reasons. 

Our specialty is locating the perfect vehicle for your project, on your timeline and delivering it to location at the time you need it.   We understand the business, and don’t need to add to an already busy location (even if it means we need to wait in an nearby parking lot).


We understand you have deadlines and many moving parts to your job. To help make it easier, we send a daily email verifying Date, Times, Location, Pics, Descriptions & Budgets. Everything you need, right at your fingertips.


We’re “Car People” we know a thing or two about cars because we’ve been around them a long time. We will research for you. We have the ability to present options in unsure moments. We’ll will ALWAYS find you the right car.


Our state of the art storage facility offers a safe, clean, climate controlled car storage environment. Our convenient location in Hackettstown, NJ allows us to store your vehicle until it is needed on set.
If you need work done or visitation with Stunts, AD’s, Directors or Actors, just call ahead, we are always happy to accomodate.


Before delivery to you, each vehicle is checked. On set we always have personnel who are knowledgeable about the units and are there to ensure that everything is ready when you need it.

For more information about PowerPortal Productions can provide you with the vehicles you need, when you need them, within your budget, leave us your email.  We promise to only send cool stuff!

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